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I was born in Brazil and raised in a big family. I grew up with my twin brothers but I’m one of 9 siblings. Since I was young I have wanted a big family and always dreamed of having a baby bump.


I met my husband at 16 and we got married at 23. We moved to Toronto, Canada,  from Brazil and our fertility journey lasted from 2013-2020. We had no idea what the Universe had in store for us. It took us 8 years: 2 IUIs, 4 IVF rounds and 6 Transfers to get us our miracle baby.

We are now very much in love with our little bundle of joy. 

In November 2020 our 3rd Transfer of this round (6th in total) was successful and Bennett (aka Benny) was born in Aug 2021. He is the proof that our perseverance, our beliefs and hopes were valid and now we get to sit in the magic and challenge of parenthood...


I never intended to be a blogger but in my struggles I found peace in writing these posts. They are a patchwork of my journey, they serve the purpose of selfishly releasing what’s in my heart, clearing my mind and also hopefully inspiring and showing others they are not alone.


The first post I wrote was when I got the news of a friend that was pregnant. It was such a rush of opposing feelings, I sat and wrote the whole post in 10 minutes.


The next ones also came in the midst of an emotional moment. That space in time when you’re flying through the clouds and everything shakes with turbulence and you can’t see anything, all you can do is close your eyes and trust it will clear.


With time I started showing these Journal entries to friends and family and I was encouraged to share. I knew their feedback was coming from a place of genuine love and so I trusted it and took the leap.


Once I posted my journal entries I started getting messages from people struggling with infertility and how the posts helped them cope or feel comforted during hard times. 

So I started thinking, who are these women, these men, these couples? I want to hear their stories! That’s when I decided I was gonna go ahead and do it. I will contact them and give them a platform to share their pain and experiences.

The podcast started as a home to these struggling TTC (Trying to Conceive) Warriors, and the ones that had to adapt to a future different from the one they had dreamed of.

Of course we also welcomed the ones that got to the other side and can now share their love and hope

And no Podcast would be complete without some expert advice. So we also have guests that can teach us and share their knowledge in the field of fertility and overall wellness. 

Today, due to the place we are on our journey, we are also exploring the real of parenthood will all it's beauty and hardships.

I hope you enjoy it and share your thoughts with me along the way...

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